CeeFlow, Inc.
Winged, Curbless & Custom
Skylight Systems

  1. Skylights which eliminates drainage obstruction
  2. Designed to provide uninterrupted eave to ridge ventilation
  3. Install easily with most types of roof shingles
  4. Entirely serviceable
  5. Single and ganged installation
  6. Custom sizes available
  7. Guaranteed not to leak
  8. Widely used by architects and builders
  9. Finest quality skylight system
  10. Built to last the lifetime of the house

photo of skylight, skylights photo of skylight, skylights
Cathedral Installation Shaft Installation

CeeFlow Concepts are Unique
They are covered by U.S. and Canadian Patents

Rough Opening 22.5" 30.5" 46.5" Custom
30" X X X  
48" X X X  
60" X X    
72" X X    
Custom       X

Architectural Specifications
Systems install in normal rafter spacing.
To order, indicate rough opening, roofing material and ganged or individual mount.
Skylight composition: hardwood sash mounted to foam insulated extension case mounted to hardwood molded inner trim ring. Hidden outer glazing compression flange is 18 gage galvanized steel.
Deck mounting flanges are 12 gage galvanized steel.
Glazing panel is Argon, I.G., low-E, 3TE/10/6LAMI.
Glass mounting is EPDM finned rubber for slide-in reglazing.
Exterior drip edges and lower flashing apron are painted galvanized steel.
Quality nail sealant membrane provided depending on type of unit.
Side flaring wings and ganged filler strips are .75" OSB or equivalent provided.
6.625" or custom dim. inward unit depth allows air to flow around case.
CeeFlow recommends air flow through all header/blockers but does not require it.

photo of skylight, skylights photo of skylight, skylights photo of skylight, skylights photo of skylight, skylights photo of skylight, skylights
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